Originating as an acoustic trio, Kara Wolf, Laura Buchanan and Kerrie Wert maintain their vocal roots and continue to shape their sound through collaborative songwriting. With over seven years of writing, performing and touring together, these Western Massachusetts natives have honed a special sound that brings the listener in and surrounds them with a powerful combination of intricate harmonies, contagious melodies and moving rhythm. Their voices belong together, artfully weaving their soulful lyrics into songs that will withstand the test of time.

With their latest self-titled LP, Eavesdrop has found their sonic home. Incorporating some of the valley's finest musicians -- Jared Quinn (John Cruz, Live on the Planet w/ Kim Zombik) on guitar, Sturgis Cunningham (Peter Tork, Martin Sexton) on drums, and Marc Seedorf (Dinosaur Jr., Mark Mulcahy, Eat Fire Spring) on both bass and production -- the band has composed and recorded each song together. You can hear the synergistic approach and the heart that went into each track.

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